The PON Foundation Mission Statement

The PON Foundation, Protect Onslow County Neighborhoods is made up of concerned citizens whose main goal is to protect our neighborhoods from environmental and health issues. Community empowerment through education and responsible stewardship is our focus. We are a non profit community action group which is dedicated to protect and preserve our quality of life.




Greetings To All,
The time is now to ACT! It is time to write and email our letters to stop the air quality permit for the proposed asphalt plant in our community. Morton Trucking has applied for an air quality permit. Our plan is to GET A PUBLIC HEARING now! We can do this by getting as many people as possible to send letters and emails requesting a public hearing. Right now, it's a numbers game. Get EVERYONE you know to send SOMETHING. A short letter saying: "I request a hearing because....." You can write about you, your children or anyone in your family that may have health concerns. State how close you live from the proposed site. You also can voice your concerns regarding property values. Don’t forget to write about your quality of life and how it would be affected. You can discuss your concerns regarding the smell and how this proposed asphalt plant would change your day to day life. Be passionate and honest then sign it and add your mailing address. That way they'll know you’re in the affected community. Anyone can write a letter…..Do not send a petition. Do not send form letters (these would all be counted as ONE singe letter). Send something original. It should not be technical. Don't try to dazzle them with information, at least not yet. Save it for the actual hearing. Start today and don't quit. We need to get this Public Hearing which will be held in Jacksonville, NC.

We can stop this plant from destroying our community!
Any questions call me @ (910) 389-3914
Carolyn Humphrey

Addresses to send your requests for a public hearing:

North Carolina Division of Air Quality
1641 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699
Attention :Sheila Holman, Director
(919) 715-0971

Brad Newland
Environmental Program Supervisor
127 Cardinal Drive
Wilmington, NC 28405
(910) 796-7215